The NOW group grew out of the deliberations of the Church Planting Workgroup from a plan launched by John Bedell, with the equipment purchased under a grant from Niagara Presbytery, and is staffed entirely by volunteers. Here’s the whole proposal that defines what we are working toward…..

Our vision is to create a community whose mandate will be the creation and operation of a mobile infrastructure for live-streaming worship services from various churches within Niagara Presbytery of the United Church of Canada. To keep things fresh, interesting, and varied, we will be rotating through selected churches in the region where content, location, and structure are suitable.
There are several objectives to the project: it will provide another means of sharing our worship services with members of our own congregations who can’t make it out on Sunday mornings for any reason including the sick, elderly, and shut-in, and those who are away from our congregations for college, work, or vacation; it will provide a means of sharing our worship services with people anywhere, churched or unchurched, who are more inclined to use technology than sit in a church pew on a Sunday morning; and it will, for the community formed for this mission, provide a focus around which the group can enjoy fellowship, spiritual development, and learning among like-minded people and where they can develop new skills for presenting our Christian Ministry in a new way that is in tune with the technological direction of our society.
This effort will require a whole community of committed and interested volunteers with various interests, backgrounds, and perspectives: we will obviously need “techies”, but we’ll also need artsy types to help with graphics & design, we need web experts, we need camera operators, we need social media gurus, we need people who are interested in helping out with scheduling and logistics, we need people who are interested in working on spiritual development for the team, non-tech helpers to set up equipment, people to help with transportation…….no one demographic: a “community” needs all kinds to be successful, particularly when it is designed to support worship.

2 comments on “History

  1. Greetings,

    I am a member of the technical team at Marshall Memorial United Church in Hamilton looking at streaming our services as well. I wondered if you had any comments or recommendations to make for a relative newbie to this streaming business. Specifically I am wondering what kind of bandwidth do you typically use and what video equipment do you use. It can’t be very burdensome if you’re dragging it around with you. 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Hi Colin
      I’m glad to provide some information. The bandwidth requirement is around 500kB/sec (upload speed) as an absolute minimum. It works best if there’s around 750 kb/sec.

      As for equipment, I use 3 cameras, a Roland VR-5 audio/video mixer, and a laptop running Flash Media Live Encoder. There’s much more to it than that, but that’s the basics. I can provide much better description if you send me your contact email address to niagaraonlineworship@gmail.com.

      Or, if you prefer, I am willing to drop by to chat one day. I work in Hamilton, so any afternoon after around 5:00 I could drop by your church if you wanted.


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