All kinds of news – Oct 2013

Aside from resuming our normal rotation of Church services on September 8th, there’s been all kinds of activity in the NOW world over the past couple of weeks.

 On September 20th, we were contacted by one of our participating churches (Southminster United) to see if we’d be willing to record a funeral service on Sept 22nd for a former member. No live-stream, just using our multi-camera system to record and produce a DVD for the family. We were willing of course, and so after the normal morning worship service at First Grantham in St Catharines we packed up our gear and trundled up to Southminster in Niagara Falls and set up for the funeral. We don’t normally produce DVD’s, but it all came together well, the final result was good, and it was satisfying to be able to provide a different kind of service like this upon request.

 Early in September when we were at Jordan Station United Church for the 2 services there, we were asked if we might be interested in live-streaming a forthcoming Ministry in Motion conference at Wellington Square United Church in November. It’s called “A Taste of Joy” and features pastor & author Rev Dr Graham Standish. So of course we said we were interested! Attended a planning meeting on Sept 26th, and subsequently set up web links for this special event on a separate page on our website. Click here for the link.

 At the “Church Planting Workgroup” meeting on Sept 20th, it was suggested that we start up a monthly newsletter for the NOW project. Great idea, and after some investigation I decided to use Mail Chimp for the creation and distribution of the newsletter. The first edition was sent out on October 3rd. Click here to sign up for the newsletter.

 More good news coming: another church that was previously interested but unable to provide an adequate internet connection is now accessible via our Rogers wireless access point, so there may soon be a new participating church in our roster. And we’ve decided to look into more involvement with CWOP services next summer. So more good news is coming…..


By Niagara Online Worship

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