The NOW team offers a different kind of help……

As we’ve been telling people for some time, the equipment and expertise the Niagara Online Worship team has gathered over the past months offers potential in other ways than just the usual Sunday mornings. This past Saturday, I received a call from a member at Southminster United (one of the NOW participating churches) saying they were having a funeral Sunday afternoon, and the family wondered if there was anyone who could videotape the service for them. So I checked with the team, and two of them were willing to take an hour out of their Sunday to help. We did the usual Sunday service at First Grantham UC in St Catharines, then took down the equipment and ran it up to Southminster and set up part of the system again, just enough to give us the recording capability without live-streaming and without lyrics on-screen. Some editing Sunday evening, and voila! a DVD of the service. Not something I’d do on a regular basis, but certainly something we can do occasionally when the need arises. 

By Niagara Online Worship

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