Epic failure Sept 15th!

Well, that was a disappointing Sunday as far as the live-stream goes. Partially because of the long summer shutdown I suppose. At First Gratham where we were working today I can’t tap into the church’s own internet connection since the building is so huge and we’re too far away from the office, so I have to rely on my Rogers wireless device. But over the summer the battery in the device depleted, so this morning even though I had it plugged in, there wasn’t enough power to charge the batteries and maintain the network connection. So it kept going into “critical low power” mode and shutting itself down, thereby dumping the stream. Fortunately, I designed a bit of redundancy into the system, so my Youtube recordings will still be okay, as they are recorded as a separate function. So all was not lost, but it certainly could have gone better (and less stressful!).

Lessons learned: check the devices the night before and make sure everything’s charged up. And always have a backup plan.



By Niagara Online Worship

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