Good news April 17, 2013

Presented to 2 church Boards last night, in Niagara-on-the-Lake at 7:00, then in Jordan Station at 8:00. If you hear reports of a low-flying green UFO, that was just my Cobalt blazing from one church to the other.

Worth the effort though: this morning I got word that Jordan Station United Church decided to join up! Great news, I’m looking forward to the services there. Thanks to Rev Doug and the board for their interest and enthusiasm. We’ll be doing our first live-stream from there on May 5th.

The other church I presented to was Grace United in NOTL, who notified me this afternoon that they are also joining us. They’ve booked June 23rd to live-stream, although we may do one before then too. Theirs is a very old building, so hosting our high-tech team will be an interesting contrast. One interesting note: take nothing for granted – in that 160-something year old sanctuary, my Rogers Wireless internet hub got the best signal strength I’ve ever seen from it. Either that church is right under a cell tower, or they’ve got a direct line to heaven and it boosts their signal.

And one last observation: one of the very best things about all the work that’s gone into pulling this project together is the people I’ve met at all the churches I’ve visited. Caring, interested, involved, loving church families that demonstrate time and again what makes it worth fighting to keep our United Church going and (God willing) growing. It’s been a long road getting here, but the people I’ve shared it with are what makes it worthwhile.


By Niagara Online Worship

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