Lessons learned the hard way Sunday April 7 2013

Oh boy, where to begin with today’s lessons learned…..

We had a full hour to set up today, but a few glitches in the start-up meant we were just too pressed for time. One of my pan/tilt/zoom cameras came on with the image upside-down. This is not something that can be fixed with the remote, it means the “image flip” switch on the back of the camera got accidentally switched to “on”. And by the time we discovered this, too much of the congregation was already in their seats. So we just turned that camera off and made do with 2.

The audio tie was great, their sound board is very good and their sound guy is a pro, but we didn’t have the right cable with us so we had to have him scrounge up the right cables. No big deal, but again it tied up a few precious minutes. 

Cable runs also took a few minutes while we figured out how to get the cables up over the doorways. Easy enough, but takes a few minutes to accomplish.

I’ve been working on a check-list for the start-up routine, but it’s not ready yet and clearly I need to get it done so the scramble isn’t quite so intense. My challenge for the week is to get the instruction book written, which will include the start-up checklist.

The live chat that ChurchCAST has included in our live-stream window will require another body to monitor, it’s too much to add on to the existing tasks for the operators. That’s something else I’ll need to work on.

Then on top of the scramble in setting up, I didn’t hit the start button properly on the Flash Media Live Encoder software, so our live-stream started a little late. Good thing we checked the chat window – my wife used it to send us the message that the stream hadn’t started!

Overall, a day of little glitches that added up to a significant hassle.Gonna have to get this organized better!

By Niagara Online Worship

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