Audio solutions

Easter weekend at Southminster was the first occasion I’ve had to use one of the specialty devices I bought for use with this project. The device is a wireless audio transmitter/receiver system made by Microh, recommended by my go-to guy at Fleet Pro Sound. I bought this because I knew there’d be cases where the church’s own sound system would be too far away from the NOW equipment workstation to just tie them together with mike cables. And Southminster is one of those locations, as the sound board is behind the pulpit, probably ~80’ away. The wireless system is a single-channel unit, so I use a small Mackie mixing board to take the right/left outs from the church sound board and combine them into one channel to feed into the transmitter.

Have to say, it worked awesome. When you watch the Easter weekend recordings, the sound is good enough you’d never know the audio wasn’t just hard-wired directly! This gives me great flexibility options in locations where the sound system is far from my primary camera position, for example in the balcony like St Andrews, or in an adjacent room like Elm Street.

By Niagara Online Worship

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