Sunday March 17 2013

We’re definitely getting better at this! Only 2 of us this morning, but both of us have been working the system for a few weeks now, so we made out fine. It’s actually easily do-able with 2, although 3 certainly is preferable when possible.

And we’re getting better at the set-up too; because we had left a few of the wires in place last week we saved a few minutes on set-up, so we were ready in 20 minutes flat. And complete tear-down only took 30 minutes to pack everything away completely. So nobody needs to be afraid of joining us because it takes too long on a Sunday morning!

I found a way to expedite one step of the process after church too: before we can do anything with the video recorded on the VR-5, it needs to be processed through a conversion software on the laptop, and I had that process running while we packed up our gear. Saved 20 minutes at home. Generating the flash video files for upload to Youtube takes about an hour after I get home, then the actual upload takes about 3 hours after that. Once we move to our home base at Mountainview I’m hoping the upload can be done much quicker there, since they’re putting in a vastly upgraded internet service. So maybe we’ll have the Youtube videos online quicker in future – as it is right now, it’s nearly dinner time on Sunday before they’re available for viewing.

Only one other comment this Sunday – if anybody asks about streaming service providers, I won’t hesitate to recommend ChurchCAST! It couldn’t be any easier, and the quality is as good as one could possible expect.

By Niagara Online Worship

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