Sunday March 10 2013

Well, today was the first day for streaming part of the service, and recording for Youtube. The live stream seemed to work great, very pleased with the ChurchCAST system. Wish I could say the same about the upload to Youtube! Found there was a compatibility issue with the recorded file from our VR-5 mixer, but I guess I’m not the first: Roland has a free download on their website that does a quick file conversion and renders the file readable on any computer, and suitable for editing in Pinnacle Studio and uploading to Youtube, So for this first Sunday, I ended up spending the day on it, but we’re sure going to be working on streamlining the process!

The other issue today was an annoying “snapping” noise in the recording. Seemed to be only on the recording on the SD card, not the live-stream. Think it might have been a grounding issue in the power supply, we’ll be playing with it to make sure we get rid of that for next time.

But overall, things are developing pretty well. Set up before church is about an hour, so that’s not too bad. And it’ll get better as we get more used to what we’re doing.

By Niagara Online Worship

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