Sunday January 6th, 2013 at Jordan Station United Church

After a couple of weeks off over the holidays, I returned to the task of touring our local UCC churches talking to their techies and looking over their buildings and equipment. So this morning it was Jordan Station United Church, which I was invited to by their Rev Doug Loucks after my presentation at the last meeting of Niagara Presbytery. And oh boy, was this a great way to start 2013! Whenever I enter a new church, they invariably cry “fresh meat” and pounce on me, but today might have been my best reception ever! One of the most friendly and welcoming congregations I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Rev Doug introduced me and the project in the announcements, and after the service a number of people (young & old) came over and spoke in favour of what we’re trying to accomplish. Very very gratifying, and a great prelude to Tuesday night’s meeting.

But on to the “tech” stuff this blog is about: this church is going to be the very easiest one for us to include! They have a terrific 32-channel sound board which is set up to feed everything – and because they mix everything, we can tap into the same feed they send to the assistive-listening system. Perfect! Small sanctuary, but very well-kept and pretty. Easy to cover with our cameras. So both audio & video are easy, and the sanctuary has internet access, so even that is good. And the congregation seems much more flexible than most, so I think they’ll be very easy for us to work with.

And another very important aspect: they’re less old-school as far as service style: in addition to a traditional choir & organ, they have a praise team accompanied by keyboard, drums & guitar. So this is another blended-style service that gives us some variety in our roster of participating churches.

All good, in every way possible. Bring on 2013, we’re ready to go!


By Niagara Online Worship

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