Sunday Dec 9 2012

Today’s visit was to Mountainview United in St Catharines. Pretty sanctuary, but it is going to be a challenge to set up for this one. The congregation is split in two on either side of the pulpit area, which sits on a peninsula jutting out into the sanctuary. Then the choir is opposite the pulpit area, again between the two areas of congregational seating. It’s certainly do-able, but it’ll require some long runs of cable to get to the remote cameras if I place them in the logical positions. I’m going to have to look into specialty cabling so we don’t get any loss of image quality over these long runs. The audio will also be a bit of a challenge: the sound equipment is in a closet in the very back corner of the sanctuary. It works well, but it’s not tied together in a way that will be really easy for me to tap into. But on the plus side, there’s lots of mikes in the sanctuary so I should be able to pick up the choir, the minister, and any readers really well. It’s just a matter of feeding all the mikes into our system.
 After the service, we had some nice discussions with the Mountainview people about using their church as a sort of “home base” where we could store our equipment and hold meetings. There are a couple of points in their favour in this regard: they are reasonably central in the Niagara Region, and they are flexible and willing and interested in new things. And they’re certainly interested in participating in this project.

So it was another positive Sunday……..


By Niagara Online Worship

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