Follow-up to Dec 2 post

In the Dec 2 post, I mentioned one of the challenges, which is the need to pick up the choir and congregation from a significant distance. This is not ideal for any microphone, and I was under the misguided impression that a shotgun mike would help pick up the choir at a distance. Not so saith the experts! They are directional yes, but not intended for the kind of distance I need. So I reached out to an audio expert that I used when I was building the tech system for Lundy’s Lane: the owner of Fleet Pro Sound in Ottawa, Mike Feegan. As always, he got back to me promptly with a suggestion based on his considerable experience, and with a reasonable cost! He suggests a pair of Rode NT5 condenser mics, which he says they’ve had great success with. So that’s one less thing to worry about when we’re setting up at churches that don’t have any built-in provision for picking up choir and/or congregation.

By Niagara Online Worship

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