Sunday Dec 2 2012 – Lessons learned

Went to Southminster United Church in Niagara Falls this morning. With help from Philip, we ran the projection for them to demonstrate to value of going to Easy Worship and upgrading their systems a little. But there was also a valuable lesson learned for me: when I was hooking my laptop up to their projector, a pin broke in the VGA cable connector. I had to run over to Lundy’s Lane UC and borrow a cable! So as we set up our NOW systems we need to remember to build in some redundancy so that if something goes wrong we can recover. Because something will, in fact, often go wrong! Also, it demonstrated the value in not doing things last-minute. Need time to overcome any little obstacles Mr Murphy and his pesky Law put in front of us.

Also, there was a good lesson in sound. Sound quality is critical to success of NOW, so this is important. At the front of the sanctuary where I sat, the choir sounded good. But at the back where my wife was, she said they sounded a little thin. So in locations where there’s no direct choir miking, and/or no sound reinforcement for the choir, we’ll need to be able to pick them up well. Directional shotgun mike maybe? Bears further investigation!

Good lessons learned this Sunday morning! Oh yeah, Rev Fugard had a good message too!

John Bedell

By Niagara Online Worship

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