Presbytery meeting – Nov 27 2012

Last night were two meetings that should have seen the project launched – first the meeting to review the application for funding, then the full Niagara Presbytery meeting. I spoke at both meetings to outline the project details, objectives, etc. Lots of Q & A, and lots of positive feedback, but the powers-that-be couldn’t arrive at agreement about funding, so it’s been deferred to the Presbytery Executive. So that will delay the start by another couple of weeks.

But on a positive side, representatives from 4 churches approached me to say their churches wanted to be involved in the project. And several others who were just interested observers sought me out to tell me they endorse the idea. All of which leads me to believe I’m on the right path with this.

Between the end of my work day and the first of my meetings last night, I stopped off to have a look at a used Canon GL-2 video camera that I found online. It was in great shape, barely used, for a good price, so I went ahead and bought it in anticipation of financing coming through. A little presumptious, but it was too good a deal to pass up. And if the project falls through for some reason, I’ll have no trouble re-selling it. So we now own the first major piece of equipment for the NOW project. The GL-2 is a professional-level video camera, 3-CCD, very versatile and capable, and it will serve as our primary video camera.

Progress may be slow, but it’s progress nonetheless………

John Bedell

By Niagara Online Worship

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