Sunday November 25th

Today was a visit to St David’s-Queenston United Church. In general terms, the point of this blog is to document the “tech” aspect of the whole “Niagara Online Worship” journey, but this post is more a reflection of the other side. The side that forms, in large measure, the reason I’ve always found the whole church experience so uplifting. There are many old friends at St David’s-Queenston, and by the end of my visit my face was tired from smiling, and my arms were tired from hugging. Spending time with old friends is always good, but when there is the added bonus of doing it in a spirit of Christian love and fellowship, it is just that much better. That is, in large measure, what many churches have lost. In the struggle to survive and adapt, they lost sight of the fact that under it all, the point is love. Poor fools. In the struggle to survive, they have lost what makes it worth the effort!

But back to the tech blog: yes, in spite of the fact that this is very much an “old school” church service, it if they are interested in joining the NOW project, it is worth having them. For those in search of a traditional service exceptionally well-presented, this is the one to see.

John Bedell


By Niagara Online Worship

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